Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Camiguin, Day 2

The day started off rather slow to start. we got up around 7 and got ready for the day.  After we showered we headed to the restaurant, which we got to and started ordering around 8.  The night before our multicab (mini jeepney) which we had arranged to pick us up at 9 came to our table just minutes after we ordered to tell us he was there...... One hour early!!!  So he waited while we ate which all in all took around an hour and 10-20 minutes since we had to wait for the food.  So we finally headed out a little after 9am for our first full day on the island the the start of our "tour".  First on our stop was the Ardent Hot Springs!  Some of the pools reached about 39 degrees Celsius which felt like a nice hot tub.  There were several cascading pools here the hot tub like one being my favorite, whilst my second favorite one decided to get into a fight with me.  Your probably wondering how lol, well let me explain.  It was a 6ft deep and fairly long pool at about 12ft wide or so.   Well I decided its "big" enough to swim under water for just a bit and so off I went.  Next thing I know... WHAM a rock formed out of thin air and hit me in the head, and here I was minding my own business.  So that was my time at the hot springs.  Next we visited the Sto. Nino Cold Springs.....and for those of you know me realize how much I "dislike" the cold lol.  Well it was far beyond cold, hell to me it felt beyond freezing ahahahaha.  It felt like I was standing in a gigantic pool of pure ice cubes.  So you can imagine I didn't stay in the water there for too long.   Ok so for our last stop of the day we came to the Soda Mineral Springs, a natural medicinal spring that felt like we were swimming in a think liquid or gel.  The water felt so thick and heavy but surprisingly invigorating.   It was just amazing,  I kept looking at everyone saying it feels like we are swimming in a pool of bottled drinking water.  Later as we went to leave we found out that HEY!!! whadda know, I was right hahahahah. Come to find out that water is exactly that, drinking water.  So we left there and headed to the hotel for the rest of the day.  By this time it was already getting dark and we were tired from swimming all day, so we finished the night with dinner at the resort.  So that was day 2 of 5 lol. hope you continue reading for the rest of the trip.  Thanks :D

Monday, August 8, 2011

Camiguin, Day 1!

So our first day at Camiguin started with our flight there.  We went on a small 10 man chartered plane and it took about a 30 minute flight to get there.  Which isn't too bad when you compare it to the almost 3 hour flight to Hongkong on the FREEZING COLD Airbus.  When we got there it was about 9 a.m. and we were "supposed" to have a scheduled shuttle transfer to our resort; however, it wasn't there!  Well it didn't turn out bad thankfully because of a nice local named Gelt, who had moved to Camiguin from Holland.  After realizing our transfer wasn't there yet he invited us the hotel/restaurant he owns for drinks while we wait for our van.  We ended up talking and drinking until about 11 when we finally headed off to our resort.  We spent the rest of the day pretty much just relaxing.  We had lunch then swam until it was almost time for dinner, for which we went back to Gelts  and had dinner to support his business after he was so kind to us.  And thus is the end of day 1 on Camiguin Island.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The last 2 weeks, HongKong!!!

Ok, so sorry I've been gone for the last 11 or so days.  Jeny and I went on vacation with 2 of our other friends.  Man was it great lol.  So first we went to HongKong!  Lets just start by saying they have more shopping malls than any other place I've ever seen :p.  The place is HUGE!  It's actual physical size isn't too large, but with massive skyscrapers and a population of reaching almost 8 million you can imagine how crowded it got in the streets.  Here is a book that can tell u a bit more than me lol, nd btw. click the link bc I get some money if you do hahahaha.  So anyways, shopping, shopping, shopping, and food lol.  
Those  Are pretty much the main key focuses that most tourists focus on when going there.  HongKong, used to be known as "Fragrant Harbour"  Is known for being the 3rd safest city in the world and also one of the cleanest cities in the world.  It was a rare to see trash ANYWHERE let alone vandalism or graffiti.  Actually throughout the whole stay there and traveling I only saw one tag of graffiti with shocked me.  Hongkong is also widely known for fashion and food, on just about every corner you can see high quality clothing or accessories, including Gucci, Burberry, and other top competitors, so if your into high fashion and love to shop I definitely suggest you take a trip to Hongkong at least once in your life. Let's Go Map Guide Hong Kong (2nd Ed)  and here is a map so you don't get "too" lost.  Because trust me... if you don't speak Cantonese it's highly likely you will.  Another thing you will notice about there is their British culture and government.  As Hongkong was a British colony for over 100 years they still adopt a lot of the culture, laws, government, and even "wrong side" driving as they have in England.  With places like Victoria Peak and Queen Elizabeth Road it's highly noticeable.  All in all Hongkong was a great trip with lots to see and experience.  Whether you decide to go to Disney Land, Ocean Park, or just shop in their massive 10 story high malls there is something there for everyone.  It's a trip I would definitely take again and I recommend you all try it too!  Thanks nd have fun :D

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Drove through my first flood! LOL

Well the other day started off normal as any other here, HOT!! Nice and hot just as I like it!  Went to the mall with Jeny and had a nice lunch and best of all, STARBUCKS!  I had a Caramel Macciato.... my favorite.  All in all that was the majority of the day.  Pretty normal as I said, until about 7 pm.  That's when we got a call from our daughter Kelly at her University still explaining why she had not left for home yet.  Low and behold the streets were flooded!!  So off we drove to pick her up.  All I can say is (thank god) we have a Pajero lol.  Cars were stranded everywhere from water flooding their engines.  Not only cars but some Multicabs and Jeepneys as well, which surprised me considering how much higher they are.  Now when I say flooded keep in mind I'm from South Carolina in the United States lol.  Even so the water was 3-4 feet deep. But aside from learning how to drive in deep water and being thankful for a large SUV I learned one more important and vital fact that night.  Never and I mean NEVER ask Jeny if I should turn left or right.  Now as I know the normal way around Cebu back and forth from the malls and university Kelly goes to and back to our home on Lapu-Lapu keep in mind the streets were flooded.  So I looked at Jen and asked should I turn to the "right" here?  She replied "YES" and pointed to the left.  Hmmmm lol.  So needless to say I will never ask her directions again.  I told her from now on point and say turn here. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ok so here I go.  I've never been big on blogging, but seeing as I've just made a drastic change in my life why stop now.  Until recently I was just your typical american, and by typical i guess i just mean i lived there lol.  I'm from a decent size town in South Carolina called Florence (yes like in Italy but far less great).  Even though its of a fairly reasonable size it's utterly BORING there so  I wouldn't suggest it as your next vacation spot.  However I've recently left that wonderfully miserable place behind and headed for a new and exciting life in Cebu Philippines!!  Yea a drastic change i know, but what is life if you don't live it to be happy and experience new cultures and ideas.  Well i must say this is definitely new.  Everything here is different obviously but the biggest shock was the crazy driving!  For over a week I was to intimidated to even think about wanting to think about driving lol.  I thought no way in hell am I going to learn to drive here, but in less than a few days driving my wife is telling me I'm already driving like a Visayan.  Who would've thought!